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1. The quality guarantee period is 2 years, starting from the date of formal delivery and use;

2. Except for natural disasters, abnormal power, improper use, improper maintenance and other factors that cause damage during the warranty period, the company will repair it completely free of charge;

3. Provide users with free use and maintenance consultation for free;

4. Provide wearing parts and spare parts to users in time, and provide spare parts for life;

5. During the work of the test box, if there is a failure of the test system, our company should give a reply immediately after receiving the notification, and within 24 hours

(Depending on the status of job dispatching) Send a maintenance engineer to the scene to help the user to detect and repair the equipment and realize the normal operation of the equipment;

6. Our company will regularly send engineers to provide free home maintenance and repair for users;

7. After the warranty period, it will be maintained for the life of the user, but the maintenance and material fees will be charged.


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